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Frequently asked questions about EFT.
  • What is EFT?
    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a new way for you to change your emotional responses, how you feel about specific situations or experiences in your life. Its popularity is growing due to its ease of use and effectiveness. Often it has worked when nothing else has in your past.
    It involves at basic levels a simple process that is very easy to remember, you only need to remember to do it, instead of what you habitually do.
    You will notice your problem. Calibrate on the intensity of your emotions, say what you feel and stimulate by usually tapping on a few places on your body.

    Then notice by how much your emotions have reduced and if it has not gone do it again.
    For the full EFT basic procedure click.
  • How does it work?
    Emotional freedom techniques work by using a combination of many techniques delivered in a simple, elegant package.
    It is generally described as changing your energetic flow in your body-mind system by stimulating acupuncture points on your body.

    In reality, it also includes advanced techniques of hypnosis, self-hypnosis, NLP, provocative therapy, coming off autopilot and common sense.
    As well as removing or neutralising secondary gain and removing tailenders.
  • How effective is it?
    For most people, it is instrumental in reducing the emotional pain or problem or issue that they are experiencing in life.

    The convincer for most people come when they have a consultation, during which I will show them how to turn off or dramatically reduce some problem they have been having in their lives.

    If you download the free manual, then you can begin to play and experience some of the dramatic results every advanced practitioner has experienced.

    Emotional freedom techniques, like any tool, only works if you use it. If you know it but don't use it, then it is like anything else in your toolbox. The techniques are potent and effective. However, you have to do your drills, or you don't get the skills.

    Usually, when it appears not to be effective it is generally due to secondary gain, fix this glitch, and it is remarkably effective. It is your personal responsibility to use it.
  • What kinds of things is it successful for?
    As Garry Craig has initially said ”try it on everything” and if you go to the eft website, you can search for whatever issue you have and discover it’s effectiveness, for your self.

    Since then it’s effectiveness, and the database on what it has been successful in treating has dramatically grown.

    As it is emotional freedom therapy, it is often used for emotional issues, fears, anxiety’s, worry, grief and guilt, all the usual things. That most therapists get asked to help with. It is beneficial in dealing with emotional issues: in relationships, at home, work, or business. It is increasingly being used to improve peoples health and lifestyle choices.

    It is useful when helping children and even good for stinging nettles when they hurt you. At the moment we really do not know what the limitations are on these fantastic techniques as no one really knows how far the body-mind emotional systems connect.
  • Does it really help with serious physical problems?
    We have to be very careful in giving advice on severe conditions, and we do not provide medical information, as always you must consult with your doctor and follow the advice given by them.

    We can assist in dealing with the emotional issues surrounding illness, by that I mean the emotional discomfort, the stress, anxiety, worry fear and uncertainty that you may experience.

    There is growing evidence that your emotional states do have a direct effect on many of your body's functions and can, for example, affect your immune system, do your research and always consult with your GP.
    How often
  • How often should I use emotional freedom techniques?
    How often you do your drills depends on you. I always recommend that at least three times a day, even if you have no problem at all, you do your basic drills as you say.

    "Even as I am right now I love to accept and appreciate my self".

    Do your drills whenever you need them. Whenever you value yourself whenever you decide to do them.If your problem occurs ten times a day, then do your drills ten times a day, as they will only take a minute or so each time you really have no reason not to do them.
  • Who invented emotional freedom therapy?
    Garry Craig is generally recognised as the inventor of this fantastic energy psychology system. It developed from his work and study with many people along with a keen mind on his part. He has been teaching his method since the early 1990s and with great success.
  • Can I use it on my children?
    Yes, it is beneficial when used on children, either through direct tapping drills or when used as “surrogate” EFT.

    This is a system that a parent can use to work on the child indirectly and is incredibly useful. Our kids usually respond very well to using this system as it can effectively be used as a game, so they enjoy playing.

    Of course, many emotional problems that children experience are caused by the parents, and psychological freedom techniques are an ideal way for parents to continually change and adapt to the challenging task of being a parent.
  • Can I use it on my self?
    That is the primary purpose you can use it any time day or night without a therapist being present. The basic drill will help you to turn down or remove your emotional level of distress. One of the great joys of this system is that it encourages and maybe demand’s personal responsibility for your life.
  • Can I use EFT on my pets?
    As strange as it may seem emotional freedom techniques can and daily is used by many to help their pets. It is a form of surrogate EFT.

    Of course, it is your responsibility if your pets need veterinary care to get it to a vet as soon as possible.
  • How accurate do I need to be with the points?
    When starting out great accuracy is not required, just doing the drills and taking action to change your emotional state will have dramatic results. This is for a variety of reasons I will not go in to here, as it comes under the subject of advanced emotional freedom techniques.

    You will get good results from tapping on the general areas as described on many websites. If you are a client of mine, then you will learn how to do emotional freedom therapy with pinpoint accuracy. This, of course, will improve your effectiveness. Years ago I studied acupuncture and was a martial artist so I can hit your points with incredible precision and you will be taught to do this also.
  • What happens when it does not work?
    Good question. This is where we get into the other side of EFT. The primary method is just that, basic. Human beings are very complex creatures. There is a big difference between using emotional freedom therapy at its basic level, which is still very useful, and the knowledge and experience, that an experienced practitioner has.

    We have many other E.F.T techniques at our disposal, there are different patterns and drill’s used other than the basic exercise, and other diagnostic methods that we use. Real effective therapy in this area uses a mixture of other techniques, many coming from hypnosis and NLP, along with some of the more advanced energy psychology field techniques, and years of experience helping people to overcome their problems.

    However, there will be a page on what happens when Emotional Freedom Techniques does not work and what you can do to remedy this situation.