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Relationships and EFT

How you can improve your relationships with eft.

Our personal relationships can be the most significant source of pleasure we ever experience. They fill our lives with joy, passion, intimacy, love, fill us with self-respect, confidence and dramatically improve our self-concept and happiness in life. Amazing, beautiful and wonderful.

However, for most people, this is not the case. Their personal relationships are filled with, fear, pain, jealousy, anxiety, resentment, worry, abandonment issues, old baggage from past relationships and misunderstanding and are generally very unpleasant.

Husbands and wives fall out and argue and plot and plan all manor or deceptions with the people they calm to love and care about, or more often once did. You have more chance of crossing a road with a blindfold on than you marriage lasting for life.

Many marital problems are created due to the lack of understanding and maturity that goes along with having a considered relationship and putting the necessary work and safeguards essential in place before hitching up with someone.

People experience dating problems, love pain, feelings of insecurity and have commitment issues, and both sexes play games and are conditioned and programmed to expect an unrealistic expectation of life romance and partnership. Often their
sex life suffers from all of the stress anxiety and bad feelings.

Yet this does not have to be the case. Emotional Freedom Techniques as its name suggests is designed to remove emotional issues and the painful emotions that often surround our relationships.

It is also incredible for improving your relationships with yourself.
( This is the most important relationship you will ever have ), your job and your relatives.

The big problem in relationships is with emotions, they cause all of our problems in relationships. Many of the emotions involved with relationship issues come from our inner child. Old outdated programs that are useful for a five-year-old, but not a twenty or forty year old.

Many of our beliefs and assumptions about loving or caring relationships have not been updated since we were children or in our teens. When myths and lies may have been taken on board about how it will be.

The notion of romantic love is a teen myth, often ideas of love are based on unrealistic expectations created at a time when we are experiencing a massive chemical dump. When you are in love, you are technically off your head.
When stoned is not a good time to enter a committed relationship, certainly not a business deal. You may not have considered this, why do you think lawyers and barristers are involved when it goes wrong?

When we can control our feelings, and decide which ones need our attention and which one are from our other mind, and caused by our Inner Child or lack of knowledge and maturity in life, then things become more relaxed and far more pleasurable.

Learning to handle our own emotional immaturity always leads to deeper more stable and joyous personal and interpersonal experiences. So if you are experiencing difficulties with the people you care about and love, then you owe it to yourself and them to make things more pleasant for you both.

One of the most potent and beneficial ways that you can help yourself apart from using EFT is to obtain a copy of
Love Awareness by Duncan McColl.

This recording allows you to understand and remove many of the negative feeling and habits that often surround the madness called love. For it is a madness caused by some of the most potent chemicals and hormones we experience in our bodies. We do become chemically intoxicated. This recording will make your emotional freedom therapy far more effective and more comfortable for you.

If your problems are with people, who are not this close maybe your boss, someone at work, your mother in law or a neighbour. Then the reality is they may not change, so the only person you can change is yourself, and your emotional responses to them. That way you can remove the adverse effects on you of having to interact with them.