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Do you want to learn how to relax deeply? We all experience stress in our lives, and it is part of what we need to grow and live, it becomes a problem when we fail to recognise it and take action to learn how to reduce it and build from experience.

We can learn a lot from stress, a lot about ourselves and how we can change to enjoy the experience. However, some of the more unpleasant side effects is an inability to relax.

This can lead to problems with sleep, physical pain and result in unhelpful habits such as excessive eating, drinking, drug taking, smoking and relationship problems. To let go of all physical, mental and emotional stress and strains and feel at ease in our bodies.

Relaxation is an art, just like making love, flying or creating beautiful pieces of artwork. It is something we have to get a feel for and along with any artistry we have a few things to learn and a lot of practice to get really good at it.

You can learn to be a master of your own states of relaxation with practice. The changes it can make in your life are well documented, and the effects are not just on a mental and emotional level, there is growing evidence of the medical benefits of learning to let go.

Unknown to many, is the fact that we usually have three stages of deep, profound relaxation and you need all three to be present to experience this state fully.

Even if you are involved in a highly charged physical activity, they are present, that's why a highly skilled athlete does the best when they have all three present, they just look so relaxed. Just watch a cat sleeping or playing, or a martial arts master, tension is at a minimum and only applied when needed.

Physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
We need all three to be present to enjoy this art. The physical is obvious, and it is what most people think about when they say they want to unwind, switch off or chill out, however, if you only have this you will never feel amazing.

Deep physical relaxation will also have an effect on our minds ability to slow down and often the little voices in our minds will slow down as our internal dialogue changes.

This is one of the best ways to get to sleep at night. You will find lots of good advice in books or on the internet on progressive physical relaxation, this is a simple process of noticing tension in your body and letting go of this muscular tension, usually along with deeper breathing and increased awareness.

It is good stuff, and it works. Unless you mentally tense and your own mind is playing tricks with you.

You also need mental relaxation.
For most people mentally letting go is the biggest problem they have in life. So-called stress, worry, anxiety affect many aspects of life and what most people are after is controlling this area of their minds.

Learning to mentally relax so that your thoughts slow down and you remove negative self-talk is one of the coolest things you can learn to do this lifetime. It will affect everything from your ability to relax to your lifestyle choices to your love life. Most of the time we feel bad because of what we tell ourselves.

When with practice you learn to slow down, switch off or change what you say to yourself you will feel so much better. You can very quickly learn to do this by using EFT, NLP or hypnosis all three systems will teach you how to do this. I personally like to use all three together, sort of a belt and braces approach. Works great for getting to sleep, unwinding and just chilling out.

Emotional Relaxation.
We all have emotional needs, desire and want's, it is part of being human and can bring us the most amazing beautiful experiences in life. We feel emotions in our bodies, you can't think a feeling you have to feel it, in you.

We tend to think that we are our emotions, when they are usually just the effects of some chemical cocktail we have fired off in our own bodies, generally because of what we think, change your thinking and you can change your emotions and emotional responses, you will feel different and your life will become something different.

This is an area that emotional freedom techniques can really help with. It is what it was developed for and is a potent system for doing this. With regular practice, you can learn how to change your emotions so that they support you and contribute to a fun life. When you minimise the negative emotions, you just feel better.

As you can see physical, mental and emotional relaxation are all linked together. Change what you are thinking, and this will change your emotions and change the tension in your body.

Physically relax, and this will slow down your thoughts and change your emotions.

Doing any of these is far simpler than explaining it, it may seem long winded but in reality, it is not you can get it down to under a minute or less. It's all about learning to run your own mind and emotions.