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Self-discipline is like your inner parent,

Self-discipline is like your inner parent, that part of you that looks after you and tells you cool stuff. You might like to call it you're conscious. That part that pokes you are reminds you to be good.

Some like to think that we have an inner child, and in some ways we do. Not really, but if it helps. That part of us is just mental habits, and assumptions that we or others have installed at an unconscious level of mind were they run automatically.

Of course, it is part of becoming an adult that you look at your beliefs, because many will have served you well when you were a child, However, as an adult, they will screw you left right and centre.

Children have many faults because they are kids, they don't know a lot especially about life and what to do. How to behave and whats good for them. Left to do what they want and they will kick and scream and eat junk food. Lead unhealthy lifestyles and mess up the people around them.

Your inner parent could be called self-discipline. You have questioned your assumptions and beliefs and corrected all the ones you had as a child. You now have life skills, life experience and responsibility.

You know what must be done and what should be done and have taken on board the fact that you and only you are responsible for your life. Self-discipline is essential for anyone who would like to be happy, prosperous and have a tranquil experience that is a pleasure to live.

Discipline allows you to do what needs to be done, and like anything else essential to living needs to be considered and programmed in so that at an unconscious level it runs automatically. You have automatic habits of self-discipline, ways you are. That is there to make your life easier, they have become automated.

However many people believe they have little self-discipline and often indulge in things they know they should not. They have unhealthy habits, drink too much, choose not to learn new skills that would allow more pleasure in life.

They realise that they should do? Must do? I, need to? They never do. Now is the time for the inner parent to come into play. It is your job as a parent to guide, explain and encourage yourself to your inner kid if you like.
As to why it needs to do whatever it is.

That's your job. And if the kid won't Your responsibility is to ask them to, you advise, you have to find ways to, first of all, encourage them and if that fails to force them to do it. Being a parent is not always pleasant.

Ask anyone with a fat kid. Usually, the parent knows the kid is fat because of an indifferent or unskilled parent with little discipline. Your inner parent if trained well will remind you and encourage you to develop habits that will support and enrich your life.

Self-discipline does require work, and you must trust yourself and be honest with yourself. If you make a promise to your self, you must keep it. If the kids want pizza, you will decide it has a fresh salad. In a way, you become your own best friend. Someone who you know you can always trust.

Many people who are disciplined and self-motivated achieve things that many average people find extraordinary. One of the traits of a considered life which is just another way of saying it.

Is self-respect and self-love and consideration.

Discipline is not hard or painful, and it is effortless once you have discovered your reasons for wanting it, and how the new habits will enrich and support your life and the lives of those around you.

The more you practice self-discipline, and awareness and emotional freedom techniques are a great way to install essential habits fast and quickly, efficiently.

Scan through your life and to play with what, if you did consistently would reduce hassle or danger, or make your life easier and more comfortable. What could you do to increase your self-respect?

If you leave a toilet dirty after you have used it, what does that make you?
If you throw your clothes on the floor and your home is a mess. The chances are very high that your life and especially your emotional life is also a mess.

Also consider what messages it sends to others, what assumptions they may make about you. Your inner parent is responsible for pulling you up when you are not up to scratch and of course encouraging you and supporting you. However, you must do your part.

This morning I was with someone who whined and complained for a while about lack of motivation and lack of drive. They explained all the things they knew they could do and should do, and I know if I just, did X.

They just wanted someone to listen to them. I did notice that their living room was untidy, when I went to use the loo, yes it was dirty. I also saw as they live in an apartment, the bedroom door was open. You guessed it. It was a tip.

Just for the fun of it, I thought I would play for a while. Well. It turned out they had many voices in there head, that when they decided to make a change, these mind farts said, whats the point? I don't want too. That's a lot of effort.

I did point out that many of these glitches would be solved if they just turned off those voices, they are not real after all. If they cleaned up, the place would look nicer, and they would feel better. They could begin to take pride in the life they create.

It fell on deaf ears, that's OK, they were not paying me.
Your goal as an adult parent, as someone who desires higher levels of self-respect and self-discipline. Is simple, work out the benefits for you and those around you.

Do an ecology check and a personal peace procedure. Find your reasons for wanting a better more tranquil and prosperous life. Then maybe. Call me.