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Self Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

for EFT.

Self Hypnosis MP3's That Will Dramatically Speed up Your Results with EFT.
I am going to personally recommend some self hypnosis mp3 downloads to you that will dramatically speed up your long term results with EFT. I use them and when you visit me in Leamington Spa I will recommend you use them as well.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1990 and was quickly taken under the wing of a remarkable man
Duncan McColl. For the next twenty odd years he taught and guided me in the use of hypnosis and other healing techniques.

He produced a range of self hypnosis and accelerated learning recordings that are different to the bog standard ones that are out there. All my clients use them and they are as good today as they were back then.

Emotional freedom techniques is all about putting you back in control of your emotional life and learning how to enjoy your own mind and body, so that you become a mini mind master.

Taking responsibility for doing your EFT drills and tapping when needed builds a new habit of personal responsibility and taking control of your self.

You can no longer reach for a cigarette when you know that if your tap the desire will go, well not unless you have some
secondary gain running, and if you do fix it.

Using the self hypnosis mp3's that I recommend extends this and allows you to change some of the subconscious programs at a deep level as you sleep and dream at night.

They can also be used during the day when you have the odd forty-five minutes free and want to truly relax and feel great.

These recording will also increase you
self understand and awareness, they will allow you to begin to discover, if you choose to use them in this way. How to become your own best friend and truly develop a deep and profound love and acceptance of your self.

They are only fifteen pounds and well worth the investment. Below are the recording and why I am recommending them to you. Duncan does a large range of self hypnosis mp3 downloads and yes I sell them, I use them.

I have some of his subliminals playing now.
Pilgrim Self Hypnosis Recordings is the web site if you want more information.

Ageless and Self Understanding.
This journey into common sense lays the foundation for all other personal development that you may desire to undertake. It is vital to have all levels of mind unified on the task at hand, for if your control mind your subconscious mind is playing a different game and believes in other things, it makes no difference what you consciously want.

Reduce Your Stress.
Now, what ever happens to us in life is passed through our internal filters our beliefs habits and opinions that we have to make sense of reality. One of the biggest challenges is in allowing people to understand that blaming others our friends, family or work or even our current circumstances for our feelings and emotional reactions is not helpful. It is learnt helplessness and continuing to allow us to be a victim. A very unhealthy state to create.

Love Awareness.
Develop Deep Love for yourself and others.
Very few people design a relationship to work. This recording will allow all your relationships to improve due to the profound insights, it will answer your questions concerning love. Including teaching you who has to change first and accelerates your own ability to truly love yourself.

Understanding Parents. Remove the writing on your walls.
Many of our emotional problems in life are the result of misunderstandings formed at an earlier age with our parents or those who took care of us. A child's mind does not have the understanding or maturity to comprehend the full picture of what is going on around them and behaviours, habits and many fears that will surface later in life are caused at this time.

Learn Deep Profound Relaxation.

On this deep relaxation self hypnosis MP3 Duncan McColl will teach you how to with practice learn physical mental and emotional relaxation.