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Playing at being a Pussy Cat.
A Useful EFT technique to begin to love, appreciate and accept ourselves.

Playing at being a pussycat is a fun and beneficial way to get some clients or ourselves to begin to love, appreciate and accept themselves. One of the most significant problems most people face in life.

We have been raised to put other people first, give way and downgrade our own self-worth for the benefits of society. This often leads to clients having great difficulty with self-love and being kind to yourself. Often they can't even say it, and it sticks in their throats.

Until someone begins to understand self-love and forgiveness they may well be subject to all manner of glitches as their own subconscious minds play tricks on them and access all kinds of secondary gain to keep them where they are.

Our internal dialogue and tailenders often bring up all manner of excuses that can halt our progress to self-understanding, usually leading to low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. Playing at being a pussycat can be a way of helping us to become more playful as we use emotional freedom techniques.

Have you ever known a cat that hates its self or looks at its tummy and feels terrible?

Have you ever seen a cat that looks in a mirror and tells's itself it's ugly and its tail is too short, or its nose is too big?

Me neither.

I have seen flee ridden moggies with one ear and three legs laying there as if they are Gods. I have seen the ugliest cats filled with high levels of self-esteem and confidence. We may have something to learn and play with by being a pussycat for a while.

The other night I was working with a lady who was experiencing a few glitches with love, appreciate, accept and forgive myself. An otherwise successful, intelligent and attractive lady whose life was ninety per cent as she desired, I love working with people who have great experiences and just want to make them even more exquisite.

Anyway, this lady had a few glitches, so I broke her state and switched the subject as we had a cup of tea together and began to ask her about her acting and broadcasting career and how she got into it, and how much she enjoyed what she was doing.

Apparently, this was to get her to access achievement, confidence and all the pleasant states that I could anchor and later use. Somehow the conversation got round to drama school and all the role playing they do and pussycats. Apparently outstanding actors for a time take on the character of the part and become that person.

It's a sort of adult let's pretend.

I asked if she had ever pretended to be a cat and played the part? She had.

Good. How did it feel when you were a pussycat? "Great" she replied, so now we could play.

I asked her to pretend to be a pussycat and stroke her paws, just like a cat. She said it felt good.

When she purred while doing this, it felt even better.

Cleaning her ears with her paws, licking her forearms and stroking her nose all made her feel good and when I asked her to think about the body image glitches she had, as a cat "How do you feel?"

They were no longer there.

We went over to a mirror (It's really a magick mirror] I have set up for this purpose and asked her to look at herself and notice what she now said to her self about her self. The negative internal dialogue had gone, and now she was purring.

I asked her if she would like to tap on "love, appreciate, accept and forgive myself." As a pussycat. She now had no problems doing this, it did not stick in her throat, and she could quickly do it while she was smiling and purring.

Later during her session when she was not being a pussycat, she also noticed that she had only a few slight glitches when saying the words. A few days later on a follow-up call, she explained that she was having a lot of fun being a cat and was enjoying her self much more.

If you are having problems with "love, appreciate, accept and forgive me." when doing your eft drills it may help you to pretend you are a pussycat and look at the world through a cats eyes. Every cat I have seen loves themselves, accepts themselves and just moves through the world with as much grace and power they can muster.

Just a thought.