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'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.'
To do this, you must first Love Yourself.

A while back this was advised by a guy who went around teaching some good stuff. You may be wondering why this article is on an emotional freedom site EFT?

Well, a while back I got to thinking about eft's statement of "Love accept and appreciate myself, along with "forgive myself".

I had noticed that many people who have done this are less opinionated and move through life allowing others to be who they are without attempting to change them unless asked to help.

Having been in therapy helping people for over twenty years, a common thread has always been how poorly the average soul treats themselves.

The inside of the average person's head is not a nice place, they knock themselves, swear at themselves tell themselves they are stupid, they can't and have a host of negative self-internal dialogues going on most of the time.

If they talked to someone in the outside world the same way, they would soon be battered, bloody and very lonely.
They usually don't treat their body any better, harming and damaging it on a daily basis.

So what has this got to do with You shall love your neighbour as yourself?
If we look around us, it seems like most people are following this advice, they do treat a neighbour as they handle themselves.

In EFT a great emphasis is placed on loving yourself. To do this, you have to have some understanding of what Love is or at least what it means to you. To love yourself you have to know when you are doing it or not. You have to have some kind of definition of what it is.

I choose at the moment.
Love is the deepest possible understanding of human nature, and that, of course, begins by understanding yourself. You may have to work out what it means to you, but this definition works very well for me at the moment.

As you do this, an interesting thing happens as you become gentler with yourself you do the same to others, as you attend to what really matters you stop growing annoyed with others for what they think or do.

As you respect yourself more and become a good parent to your inner child, you become more disciplined and help your inner kid evolve and grow up. This does some cool things, you protect yourself more, and also allow you to make mistakes and learn and grow. You also allow others to do the same.

This does not mean you are a pushover, quite the opposite, too many you will appear confident, self-assured and comfortable in your own skin and more than able to protect yourself from any aggressor. People around you will take the pee less and stop expecting you to do things.

You will also notice that you stop blaming others for how you are and take more responsibility for yourself.

The guy who initially made the statement 'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.' Was, in my opinion, correct and of course, to do this, you first have to Love Yourselves, all of them, if you can't do this how can you treat your neighbour that way.

Just a thought.