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Overcome Insomnia.
Help with sleeping problems.

Many people suffer from the symptoms of insomnia, including me at times in my life, and of course, they are just symptoms. At some time in our lives it is not uncommon to have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep for a few nights, we all at some time get our sleep disrupted and failed to get a good nights sleep, and most of the time it is just an inconvenience

The problem is when it becomes a habit, and we have our sleep messed up for longer. This can affect our work, performance, suppress our immune system, cause accidents, increase our general anxiety, worry, stress and lead to many relationship and sexual problems. EFT is a handy tool if you have any of these problems and with a little practice becomes habitual.

Thankfully there is a lot you can do or learn to do to minimise the damage and learn how to sleep well, and when you do get the problem deal with it effectively.

Our brains are very good at helping us, It’s just most don’t know how to use them. Years ago I asked one of my teachers “Now I know all this cool stuff, when do life’s problems stop”? It took some time for him to stop laughing. “ Stupid boy, as long as you are alive you will have problems, you just have better ways to deal with them and have more fun along the way.”

So what causes insomnia?
The leading cause is how you think and feel. That’s basically it unless you are in a lot of pain due to some medical problem.

Stress, anxiety and worry cause many problems, back to how you think and feel again.

We also have environmental noise and problems, from noisy neighbours, traffic noise to barking dogs. Having a baby and children is also one of the most significant disruptions to a good nights sleep, I often joke with clients who plan on having a baby.

"Are you and your partner, good when you lose 500 hours sleep in a year? Have you both been on courses where you have to function at a high level when totally exhausted?" Often they have not, and they wonder why they have problems.

Other common causes are illness and pain, work patterns especially shift work, drugs and alcohol for fun use, or to attempt to get us to fall asleep and medically prescribed medications and getting older. As we age, we do have different sleep patterns, and as this will affect most of us, it is a good idea to learn how this may change how you sleep and learn practical ways of dealing with this.

Something to consider is that we may not be naturally designed to sleep for 6-8 hours a day in one go. Until the industrial age when workers were expected to be at work for a set period of time things were far more flexible.

Short-term sleep disruption is not a big problem, and once we have fixed the problem and done what is necessary, it usually goes away after a few days if not within a few minutes. If we deal with it and just relax. Physical mentally and emotionally and understand that emotions are just chemical dumps and don’t last long unless we keep firing them off. Along with the fact that thoughts are not real, it’s just what we tell ourselves and choose to believe.

One of the most significant challenges we face as therapists is explaining to clients that they have to take active responsibility for themselves changing and learning new skills so that they can make their own lives better. Once they get this, life becomes so much better for them and others around them.

As with most things in life it is not necessarily what happens to us that causes the problems, it is how we deal with it that has the most significant impact on us. How we mentally and emotionally respond and what changes we make to allow us to continue to live, learn to grow and move on. This is the area that emotional freedom techniques EFT along with other handy tools such as NLP, hypnosis and common sense come in to play.

Remember earlier I mentioned that stress, anxiety and worry can play a part in contributing to insomnia.
Many of the people who come to see me are keeping themselves awake at night by what they are running in their own heads, and of course, this is something you can learn to control and change.

Over the last few years I have enjoyed insomnia and have used the experience to get very good at falling asleep when for one reason or another my body or brain has other games it wants to play, or I have some skills to learn. A while back I injured my back, and for a while, the pain was interesting, it still is.

I am also self-employed and like many business owners have to run the mill with all the usual problems and changes that all independent people have to face. Our current financial crises have caused many problems for business owners. I have seen many self-employed people who down the years just needed to learn some new skills and let go of old thoughts.

Many of the techniques I teach are the very ones I use on myself and have used down the last few years when the problem arises. My own insomnia and the temporary glitches it caused has taught me much and allowed me to become far more skilful in playing the game of life.

So if you are close to Leamington Spa or live in Warwickshire and suffer from insomnia or sleep problems consider contacting me, or get yourself a copy of
Reduce Your Stress or Insomnia Mp3 download.

Most of the problems you are experiencing can be removed and of course if your problem is due to medication or illness your first point of call must always be your doctor.