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Self sabotage can be a good thing.

Most people suffer from self-sabotage at some stages of there lives we all go through it, and at the time it may well seem like a huge cross to bear. We feel like failures, and out of control we mess ourselves up and feel stupid.

It seems like our own mind is fighting against us and no matter what we do, we take three steps forward and two steps back. It's common we get it all the time in eft.

It can manifest in many forms self-sabotage, procrastination, perfectionism, having a hectic life or a busy-ness instead of a business.

We make
excuses for not having time to eat correctly, exercise, be with the love of our lives, whatever. Usually a lot of can't and reasons as to why we are unable to, really cool excuses for continuing on our current path.

Most people think of self-sabotage as a bad thing. I used to. However, I am now thanking it and rejoice whenever I notice it in myself or a client.

Self-sabotage that habit or state of mind that prevents you from doing, is just pointing out to you that, at a subconscious level of consciousness you have a glitch. Your
subconscious mind is just letting you know that what you are asking for violates some program it is running for your protection.

At some time in your life it started a habit, opinion, belief or behaviour to keep you going in the only way it knew how at the time. It may have decided that based on parental, religious, social, educational conditioning or it may have done it because of something you programmed into it.

At one stage of our lives, all the above are excellent and useful, however, as we evolve as we grow up and society and our life need change, things that were valid and right and true for us at one time of our life. Maybe totally outdated, inaccurate and unhelpful now.

Whenever you experience a self-limiting, negative thought, emotion or feeling from whatever source. It has a positive intent driving it.

That's the good news, you now know where to look, you now have the technology to change this. To improve the programs, update them, to evolve your subconscious to re-write the deal.

Knowing that this is what the problem is, allows you to do something about it. That is all great news if you had not noticed it, you would still be in the dark, plodding along for years or even the rest of your life with this glitch.

That is one of the reasons that I now consider self-sabotage to be a perfect thing, it is the flashing red light on the dashboard warning us that we need to do something and telling us where to look to fix the problem quickly.

So if you have any form of
self-sabotage, procrastination or perfectionism, smile and just do whatever you need to change.

Just a thought.