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I Can't Study.
I am sabotaging myself when I study,
I just don't want to do it and make excuses.

One of the significant challenges to study, revising, revision and getting ready for any kind of test or exam is often generating the motivation to do it on a regular basis along with creating the desire to do it.

This can be a big problem for young people at school who often have little choice but to be there. At university, it is your choice to do what is required.

When we are young we have to go to school it's the law, so many children just go along, and it is a bore, and often that is a reason many don't always do as well as expected.

When at school we are also conditioned to get it right, and if we fail or get it wrong, we are told off and disciplined. So later in life, unless we let go of this, we often revert back to childish emotional responses when learning no stuff for an exam.

Making it fun and exciting and giving rewards can help but long term all learning must be because you choose to do it, your own reasons must be self-generated.

Whenever we have problems with the study and learning it always has an emotional basis. It is the way you feel that prevents us from doing what we need to do and this does not just affect young people, it causes problems with people of all ages.

Lack of self-awareness is often the cause and can be simply fixed by teaching people, and EFT is a great way to do this. When you know your self, you get to the real reasons you do or don't do.

Then you can fix it and create states that drive you to make learning easy and fun. A few hours spent doing some quality emotional freedom techniques is usually all it takes.

If this seems like to much hard work, then attempt being stuck in a job for ten to twenty years that you hate, just to pay the mortgage or make the repayments on the car, or to keep your partner or the kids. That's tough work. So how can you begin to make the study more comfortable for you?

The first things to realise is.

That you and only you are responsible for what you feel.
No one makes you feel anything without your consent and full participation.
It is how you respond that effects your future.
You have or can have control over your emotional responses.

Now that that is out of the way, and it will be a wake-up call for many.
Let us move on.

I recently had to study for a little test and was having a few glitches getting down to doing what was required to achieve something I had chosen to do revising and revision were difficult for me.

Notice what I have said. What I have chosen to do. So now it is necessary for me to do what is required.

I realised as many did that when I planned to study or started I got lots of negative emotions coming up and lots of little silly voices in my head. Many sounded very childish I guess my inner child did not want to do it.

I Can't Study.
I am sabotaging myself when I study,
I just don't want to do it and make excuses.

We all get them and have them, its called your internal dialogue, we all listen to what we tell ourselves all the time.

So when I became aware of what I was telling my self, it was not helpful. I was making up excuses for not doing it, and these excuses were making me feel bad.

( Remember: my brain, my mind, my thoughts, my feelings, my choice how I respond to this state, may choose to get out of it or stay in it.)

As my old flying instructor used to say “ I Have Control”.

I am tired.
I will do it tomorrow.
It will be difficult.
It will be hard.
I will just have a cup of tea.
O. I forgot to clean the bathroom.
I will just ( do whatever first )

I noticed that all these emotions were coming up and I felt like the study was the last thing on the planet I wanted to do. Had I lacked awareness I may have just not bothered.

But, I know EFT emotional freedom techniques so don't have to be a slave to my mind. I can choose how to feel and what I will do. I can become aware of what I am doing in my mind to feel this way and change how I think.

That's the beauty of EFT it gives you that Kind of “PERSONAL POWER.”

If you are interested in what I did to get out of this state and how I used emotional freedom techniques and a few others to get down to study and to learn and learning the stuff faster than I thought possible Click on. Part Three.

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