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EFT and Your Subconscious Control Mind.

Emotional Freedom Therapy and Techniques EFT is all about your subconscious mind. That beautiful part of you that makes up most of who and what you are maybe over ninety per cent.

It controls all your bodily functions allowing you to stay alive and is responsible for the millions of body functions and chemical changes that take place every minute of your life. Quite a fantastic piece of kit and we all have at least one.

Most of who and what we think we are is the result of conditioning, programming and learning that was done without your conscious awareness. In fact, you learnt all of the most complicated things you do with no conscious awareness at all.

Most of your life is spent in an unconscious state on
autopilot with little conscious awareness of what you are really doing. You spend your life in one form of trance or another. That is one reason that hypnosis is so powerful, it is how you naturally exist.

So how does this relate to EFT?
Well, all of your habitual responses thoughts beliefs, habits, behaves and opinions are controlled and determined by your unconscious mind. You operate on instinct without thought.

Now, this is great for most people however if your subconscious mind has a different set of rules running it will take over and cause you many problems. In a battle between your conscious and unconscious mind, your subconscious will all ways win. You need to do an
ecology check with it.

If you think of this part of you like a vast biologic computer that runs the show, that has access and is controlled by all that has ever happened to you, that may possibly remember everything you have experienced, you can get an idea as to the power of it.

As it likes to use energy efficiently it would rather keep things as they are, you have survived this long so you will continue for a while longer. That is why so much of our lives is spent on autopilot it requires little effort.

Emotional freedom techniques allow you to come off these usual responses that you may have, to honestly be a human being you have to have choices. Otherwise, you are just a robot, doing what others have programmed you to do, with the illusion of free choice. I know which I would rather be.

It allows you to examine and if necessary change many of the social, religious, parental, educational and self-limiting programming and conditioning that has been done to you, or by you in your past.

Many people are still being run by a younger self, you ever knew someone who says things like. "I've always been that way" "It's the way I am" "When I was a child I was frightened by a dog, spider, rat, man, woman, whatever. " I always wanted to be X, and now they are as an adult and are unhappy with the lifestyle they have.

Just as with your PC or Mac, every now and then you have to upgrade the programs and operational systems, you have to delete the trash and stuff that you no longer use or need. Our subconscious minds can have the same thing done with them, and as the operator and programmer of your own computer, it is your responsibility to do this.

In the past you were programmed and conditioned to do certain things, many were great, and your survival depended on learning this stuff. However much of it is no longer useful to you.

EFT has an expression "
Writing on your Walls" it merely explains that whenever you make a decision, you are likely to do just what you have done before, automatically without thought and unconsciously.

As your habits are controlled by your subconscious control mind, to change a pattern it has to be done at an unconscious level. You will have to get this part of your mind to take notice and have good reasons to change the programme that runs automatically. It can quickly be done with practice, and the techniques are easy to learn and apply.

One of the glitches we often come across is when your subconscious control mind just does not seem to want the change. People
suffer from self-sabotage all the time, maybe they try to stop smoking and their mind fights against them. Secondary gain and subconscious incongruence are all that is taking place here, your subconscious has a different agenda and set of rules to follow.

Take for example someone who has difficulty attracting success or wealth. At an earlier time in life, well-meaning but mindless souls may have told them that "money does not make you happy" "money does not grow on trees" They may have listened to expressions such as "the filthy rich" "Dirty money."

If they are attempting to be a success in anything they may have a fear of success or failure. At a subconscious level, their minds are trying to protect them from possible pain. Yet, as an adult, it should be your decision now, not the programming of some other time in your life.

Your inner child may be having a few glitches, and sometimes it does seem like we have a five-year-old kid running our lives and emotions. The baby may well be frightened that if it gets its new toy someone may take it off them. It may decide to stay as it is instead of losing friends. It may just sulk and say "I don't want to."

If it is playing this game and often it is, you will find it almost impossible to achieve your results. This inner child has a power you would not believe. It might be an excellent idea to make friends with it, find out what it thinks, how it feels and allow it to mature for a few years. Emotional freedom techniques will let you do this and get your subconscious control mind on your side.

Emotional freedom techniques are exquisitely modelled to deal with this situation and allows you a way to access and change this situation.

So that you have access to the control panel and can reprogram some of your subconscious rules, updating them, or changing them or completely rewriting them so that you think, feel and do all fully support your conscious desires and outcomes.