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Surrogate emotional freedom techniques are an excellent way for us to dramatically affect the energy systems of someone else's body-mind system.

To many, it seems like magick, and often the results are, yet the system does tie up with other methods of healing and growth. Those who study NLP can think of it as excellent rapport and modelling.

We will leave aside the arguments about remotely influencing the thoughts and feelings of others. A comedian does that as well as storytellers, movies, TV programs and advertising. Some people do have problems with manipulation. Yet it is just to communicate or interact with skill.

There are two primary ways of approaching surrogate EFT.

One is to do the drills on yourself for the other person.
The other is to do the drills in your imagination, more of this later.

Tapping on yourself for the other person.
In this approach, you do the tapping drills and set up statements and reminders on yourself. So you imagine you are the other person and just go through the procedure. Dealing with anything that comes up.

I have personally found this method beneficial, in dealing with animals, children and family and friends. Animals do seem to respond well. If your intent is for there good. It is handy in removing bees, wasps and fly's from a room, they just seem to find the open window and fly away.

Children also respond well, and many parents use this technique with and on their children. At an advanced level, I have taught it for very specific and what might be called unusual requests.

One of the benefits of this is that you can influence others, for good. Often it is used in a therapy session where an EFT practitioner will tap along with the client, during the meeting. Other benefits and uses are to tap for the client before they get to you so that they get the most benefit from their session with you, and of course, in telephone sessions, it is very beneficial.

I know of a flying instructor who uses it on themselves when their student does their first solo. Others have used it when talking on the phone to customer services personnel who are being unhelpful.

Some people have issues with surrogate EFT as they consider it to be a form of psychic influence and manipulation and of course, it is. It may be fun if this is you to consider using the eft procedure to discover what you own glitches are concerning this area of using EFT to affect others.

Often when someone objects to this form of technique and tell you that you should not because. You could or might. Usually, they mean that they could not be trusted with this technique, it often says more about them than the therapist.

EFT in your imagination (with micro-movements)
With all change work, we require three things in our selves, energy, intent and state. All three are necessary for effective change, and when using these techniques, it is vital for you to have these set up in yourself.

I have found emotional freedom techniques to be highly effective on my self and others when using only your imagination, along with microphysical movements as described in many other systems.

It may require a bit of practice. However, the results are well worth the practice involved. One of the most common uses of this technique is when you are in public and feel too self-conscious just to do your drills when you need them.

If I need to rebalance, I do my drills no matter where I am or who is around and have never had a problem. However I do understand that others may not possess the necessary resolve, so in these cases, imaginary EFT is a highly useful tool in your arsenal.