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Skype Sessions Using EFT.

Skype EFT.
Using Skype for emotional freedom therapy is growing in popularity, as long as you have a computer, internet connection, webcam and microphone along with skype you can do it.

Down the years I have been asked thousands of times if I can suggest a therapist local to someone. Often I can, however, often I can't.

By using Skype, you can have the benefits of me in your living room or office with you guiding you through your problems, emotional concerns or glitches.

The advantages of having Emotional Freedom Help through skype.

No time lost with travelling to and from your sessions.

You have easy access to a highly experienced therapist.

Can be done day or night.

At a mutually convenient time.

In your own home or office.

Less expensive than visiting me.

Easy payments through Paypal.

How do I arrange for a session using skype?
First, contact me, this can quickly be done through Skype, e-mail or phone to discuss your needs and desired outcome.

We arrange a mutually agreed time and date.

You send me my fee through Paypal. £60.00 for a session.

I usually send you a payment request.

If you are outside the UK visit a time converter website like Time Dial

How do I prepare for our session?
Once we have arranged a time and date for your session, you can begin to prepare for our time together.

Work out your desired outcome, what you want to achieve from your session.

Watch the video I have produced explaining the sequence and point locations.

Basic EFT Sequence.

Run through it a few times so that you get a feel for it and during this learning process you may also remove a few of your own issues.

On the Day.
An hour or so before check everything is working OK with your set up.

You will need to check out your computer and peripherals, just to make sure your camera, microphone and your settings are correct and everything is working fine.

As I will need to see you, it is also an excellent time to check out your lighting, so that you are clearly visible to me.

You can check this in your skype preferences under video/audio, and you will also get a live feed as to what I will see.

Use the loo, have some water close at hand.

Turn off your phones.

Have a pen and pad handy in case you want to make notes

I will be online before our session doing my checks.

At the arranged time you skype me.

We begin.

If you have any other questions concerning skype EFT just contact me.

If you currently do not have skype you can visit the skype home page and download it so that you can enjoy the benefits of one to one therapy and advice from an experienced practitioner of emotional freedom therapy. Skype works well on PC’s and Mac.