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Tail Enders.
Mind farts, negative self-hypnosis.

Tail-enders are the little voices at the back of our minds, you know the kind of things you say to yourself, for example, I will buy a salad, and somewhere you hear a little voice that speaks. " I'd like pizza." Somehow you end up buying the pizza.

Maybe you decide to do something incredible and consciously choose to take some action. Somewhere at the back of your mind, a voice says, "but it will be hard". So you never do it. These little voices are incredibly powerful, that's why most affirmations don't work because the tailenders will cancel them out.

Mind farts, negative self-talk and
We are continually programming or re-programming ourselves and creating our futures by what we are doing right now.

What we are thinking and saying to ourselves is is vital, it is in effect self-hypnosis. This is one of the reasons having at least a basic understanding of the process is so critical for a more pleasant and less stressful life.

When we attempt to make a personal change with eft or any other system we often come across a problem with tail-enders the little negative internal dialogue that we run in our minds.

When you get good at this, you can have every voice inside your mind supporting you, but until then you may have to deal with the little cries and mind farts that mess with you on a daily basis. You listen to your negative self-talk and act upon it, you are programming yourself all day long.

Tailenders are the things you say to yourself when you choose to make a decision. Being aware of them is a good thing as they can speed up personal change and awareness and often point to core issues and secondary gain or old outdated unhelpful programs running.

They can be conscious or unconscious, and it is part of our job just to notice if any are running and help our clients to become aware of them and if necessary turn them off. Sometimes what appears to be negative, when we look closely at it turns out to have a very definite intent.

So what is a tailender?
Well, its what you say to yourself or hear in your mind after you have said something. The last thing you hear. It's the Yeah right, but, it's not me, it will be hard, it's never worked before, whats the point, it will cost me, I am to old, young, wrong sex, not educated enough, people won't like me.

You can think of them as excuses you tell yourself and choose to believe or as hidden objections held by your subconscious mind.

They do influence your every day living reality and tapping on them when you become aware of them will dramatically change your life and habits. Not only is the inside of your mind a lot quieter and much more pleasant you also begin to discover that self-sabotage becomes something that you used to do.

Some tail-enders, mind farts, negative self-talk and subconscious incongruence, can be fun to play with, as it gives us an insight to how and why we have been doing things in our lives up until now, and the awareness is often valuable in gaining insight into ourselves and others. But for most people, it has just been a burden, and it is OK just to turn them off and enjoy life more.

So become aware of yours and fix them. You can end up with all the voices in your head supporting you, and part of the fun comes in when you recognise the good ones, that are really there to protect you. Sometimes the little voice that says "Go for it" or no, Don't can save your life. However you may have to also play with a little more

However, until you know the difference, you may have some internal arguments.