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Why We Tap Along With Clients.
Ever wondered why we tap with our clients.

If you have spent any time watching EFT videos or many of the sessions on your tube you will have noticed that often the therapist or coach will tap along with the client as they go through their drills and emotional freedom sequence.

They will sit there doing the tapping as the person in front of them is talking or doing their own emotional freedom stuff.

You may have wondered why they do this?
Well for many reasons some very simple, and some because we are using some of the more advanced techniques.

Let's start with some of the more straightforward stuff.
When you are with a client especially a new one the idea of tapping can seem very strange, funny or foolish and have someone else do it in front of them can ease the way they feel.

It may be the first time in life an adult has done this in plain site, and to many, it is bizarre. When you get them laughing it is always a good thing.

If you are in rapport with them you doing the drills will allow them to mirror you and they may well unconsciously just do what you are doing, often without even noticing they are doing it.

You tapping along with them may also reinforce the habit, and as they watch you, they are subconsciously using what doctors and neurologist call,
mirror neurones.

So we often have a few simple reasons for tapping along with a client when they are telling us about their problems.

Now for some of the more advanced or sneaky stuff that we do.
The most obvious reason for doing it is to use
surrogate eft. When we are manipulating the person psychically or energetically who is in front of us.

We are helping them to get better results as they do the drills. We are linking with their
subconscious control mind and helping them to make changes faster.

We have a few ways of doing this one of these is. We can enter the same state as the client so that we begin to feel what they are experiencing and as we also feel it in ourselves, by doing the drills on ourselves and neutralising the state in ourselves, we turn it off in our client.

We are getting a free treatment for us. Even when you get really good at this stuff you are interacting with a beautiful, unique human being. A fellow soul, a fellow traveller who is having a problem.

Even with all our shields up, psychic and energetic shields, our virus scanner on full, our non- attached disinterest, we are interacting.

We are also generally lazy, I don't always do my drills three times a day especially if things are going great. So when we have someone in front of us who has a glitch with confidence or self-esteem, some part of us may also have a similar problem, or may have had it.

When we tap along with you we are also fixing some part of us, the therapist gets free insights.

I had noticed that when I have worked with martial artist and tapped along, I got faster at striking when I worked on someone who had a problem with eating pizza, a morsel of food I love, I noticed I only had pizza about three times a year instead of once a week.

When I helped someone who had a problem drinking lots of whiskey, I reduced the amount of it I enjoy. When I helped a lady with PMT, a pain I had for many years disappeared.

In EFT we have a technique called "borrowing beliefs" A really cool technology that uses mirror neurones to take on board habits, talents or skills that someone else has. Of course, a client tapping along with me, or me, tapping together with them.

Can unconsciously also take on some of my abilities and skills they may borrow some of my beliefs and talents using EFT, I am all for that. When they become highly skilled and have removed their current problems, it is good for both of us.

So if you have ever wondered why an emotional freedom practitioner is tapping along with you during a session, you now know some of the reasons why we do this. Our job is to teach you what you have to do and learn to have a happier life as we along the way become more able to help others.