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How to remove over a thousand annoyances frustrations and emotional problems in a year.
In reality, it's 1095 in one year.

It may seem impossible, and many just will not believe it, (if that's you tap on it) however it's true for me and can be for you. It only requires a bit of effort and raising your standards and self-worth along with learning to love and care for yourself.

Have you ever looked at how many times a week you get angry, disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, worried, stressed or feeling down? How often you get pissed off or feel powerless in your everyday life and just can’t relax?

From having to line up in the bank to not being able to find a parking spot to the idiots on the road and the government and banks who should have known better.

Your partner, friends and the kids wind you up, and life is such a mental and emotional hassle. It does not have to be this way, well not for you.

“When something robs you of your peace of mind, ask yourself if it is worth the energy. If not, then put it out of your mind, it's just self-discipline. Every time the thought of “it” returns, refuse it”

We move through everyday life on
autopilot, just doing what we have always done and thinking and responding as we do.

This means that if you have habitually behaved like a victim allowing other people to have your emotional remote control, that is how things will stay.

If you have built the habit of getting annoyed and frustrated when things don't go your way you will continue to do it. Your life can be different. Just imagine, you choosing how you will feel and taking back the power you have given to others or denied yourself in the past, just because someone like me had not told you and shown you that this is possible.

So how do I remove over a thousand emotional pains in a year?
Glad you asked, just by doing your emotional freedom techniques three times a day for about five minutes each time. Fifteen minutes a day can and has turned off over a thousand emotional glitches a year for many people, including me.

What you will often find is that you will end up doing the drills a few more times than the three, and that’s OK, it just means that you will feel better and happier and enjoy life and your relationships more.

I realised this possibility when someone came to me for a consultation a while back, one of the things I do is to get them to experience how powerful EFT techniques are. Usually, I will get them to tell me about something that really annoys or pisses them off {tell it as it is}

As they tell me what it is I get them to rate the intensity of the emotion and usually it is high. I then get them to do the drills and notice what has happened to the strength of the feeling.

Of course, it has lessened. So we do the drills a few more times till it gets to zero.

I then break their state and chat about something else and then just casually ask them to tell me about and remember what used to annoy them. Many times they cannot remember what it was, so I remind them and ask them to try and get the feeling back as strong as it was. They can't.

Oops, can't be that fast can it?

Well, yes, a lot of the time it is. So I just casually just point out that if they did what they had just done three times a day, how many problems would go from their life. You guessed it, over a thousand in a year.

This is something that you can quickly do for yourself and dramatically improves the quality of your life and of course the lives of those around you. It may be worth your while.