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Helping a Man in Lycra to Lose Weight

We Have To Change Our Lifestyle and Eating Habits Forever. If this is difficult to accept use eft or, buy the magic beans I sell.

When he came back, a very different guy was in front of me. He looked happier and carried himself differently. He explained that his cycling had also been different feeling much more relaxed and at ease on the bike.

He no longer felt embarrassed in his skin-tight clothing, in fact, it felt a little looser and was easier to get on, and he felt more relaxed around younger fitter cyclists. Something that had always bothered him before.

He had also been sleeping to his self-hypnosis recordings and doing his daily drills, very good. It still amazes me that at times clients will pay for my time and extensive experience and then not follow my advice. It is called secondary gain, nice to know this guy was not running any, well at least not for this issue.

Second session.
Now that the process of clearing the undergrowth had begun and this guy realised the power of what he was learning to use, it was time to explain the process of continuing to use eft on a daily basis and re-calibrate his results to refine is changes.

We got down to working on the lifestyle and eating habits he would have to develop to effectively lose weight, without dieting. Basically, he would choose to eat healthy for the rest of his life. When you think about it, it is evident unless you change what you think, what you do and how you live, you don't change.

That's common sense, and the reality of life is that you will have to do some things in life forever. Like brushing your teeth, washing or going to the loo. Changing eating habits for life is an on growing process, and we could begin it now.

We started by removing old negative emotional attachment to food that would not support his new lifestyle choices, this uncovered some glitches with food that had been used for emotional comfort and as we removed them new decisions were revealed, and they were tapped in as choices. Something that you can do with eft is taping in choices in your life.

As you can imagine he had many food associations to deal with and it would take some time to deal with all of these, So about two hours later twenty odd unhelpful associations and misguided links to food were removed. We then went back to the tapping in choices and habits drill.

He began to choose how and what he would eat, without the negative associations, deciding to eat different kinds of foods that would help and support him in getting the body he desired.

We also increased his motivation for doing this and used a programming technique so that the more he enjoyed healthy food, the better he would feel. Over time these habits would become as automatic as the old habits were, until then he would have to monitor his progress as he loved himself more.

Homework was again given, and we changed some of his daily drills so that it would be quicker and faster for him. This would result in the drills and changes being done in about ten to fifteen minutes a day. Not bad to change the rest of his life as long as for a while he still slept to his hypnosis MP3's. Session two finished.

Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Loose Weight 1

Helping a Fat Man in Lycra to Loose Weight 3
Who had grown into a healthier more toned, mature lovely guy.