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It's the truth I just made it up.
Questioning your assumptions in EFT.

Truth is one of those strange things, it's relative. Just like other rules or laws, truth is a very personal thing. We choose many of our beliefs and can of course change what is true for us. What is true for one person may not be true for another, one set of rules may apply for one group but not another. It's flexible and sort of wibbly wobbly.

Now, it does seam that we live in a world where some things appear to be true for most people, at the moment. It does seem that we have some physical truths and rules that most of us can't break. If I jump off the roof of this building I will fall, if I drop a ball it usually falls, there does seem to be some truths that at the moment appear to be true.

I say at the moment because as sub atomic physics knows the universe will change it's laws and rules depending on other factors, heat, speed, density, pressure all contribute to change laws of nature. and often it will manifests things they are looking for. As any lucky person knows things often go well. A skilled practitioner of huna who keeps accurate records can manifest and change their own reality with remarkable efficiency.

But what happens inside our minds?
I can believe things to be true with no evidence that they exist, I can make up anything and choose to believe it is true. Inside our own minds we can create any model of reality we choose and believe it to be true even if it is total rubbish.

We all have filters in our heads that filter what and how we see the world these filters literally filter out information and change our perception of reality how we live, what we do and how we are.

Most of the time what we say inside our own heads makes sense to us, logical, rational and totally brilliant. In emotional freedom techniques we usually say out loud what the problem is for a couple of reasons. It will change our internal dialogue and when we say things out loud and when we are in certain states our reality checker gets turned back on.

When this happens we can become aware of the possibility that what we are saying to ourselves does not quite stack, it makes no sense at all, somehow we have bypassed our intelligence and become as a child again. This can be great fun to play with when you know what you are doing many of the advanced techniques of EFT, NLP, DHE, hypnosis and Magick use it to great effect but most people do not have these skills, yet.

It can be a good idea to look at what you currently are making up as being true for you. To question your assumptions and calibrate how things are really doing in your life. It's OK to have many made up beliefs that don't stack in the real world, whatever that is, as long as they allow you to feel good, as long as they support your life style, as long as your truths bring you and those around you what you desire.

In emotional freedom techniques we have a very good way to begin this. A "Personal Peace Procedure" will often uncover many of the truths and lies we have created and have unconsciously been living by. It can be a wake up call as you discover many secondary gains you may be using.

Often when we look at what we believe, what our assumptions are about ourselves, the people in our worlds, how things really work we uncover many strange and interesting things. We often have a lot of growing up to do and many things will change, always for the better as our understanding grows.

A word of warning.
This is great fun to play with on yourself for your own growth, understanding, development and increased power in your worlds, therapists often have to allow clients to experience it in order to change, Governments know it, however it is unpalatable for most people and sometimes even for ourselves, as we may have to redesign who we are. So avoid using it on others, unless you want to wee off a lot of people and become very unpopular. You are after all using a form of Provocative Therapy.

A few examples.
Many years ago I asked a head teacher what her job was? I knew her well and had helped her with a few issues. She smiled at me and asked if I really wanted to know? "Yes" I replied.
"Well, my real job is to get your children so well educated that they can get highly paid employment for the rest of their adult lives, being employed they will pay the most taxes. So your children are really nothing more than an income stream, a food source for future governments. "That's my real job"

A few years ago I was a pilot and owned a lovely little aircraft. I had not flown her for a while and times were getting tough, and I was bitching about it to a friend. He is a switched on guy and a real friend, you know the kind of person who is honest with you and questions your bull in order to help you, because he cares about you.

He asked me "When did you last fly her? I replied "Not long ago, remember I took Jim up" "Mr, get you log book out, I think you will find you are kidding yourself"

I told him what a prat he was and I really was looking foreword to his apology.
I learnt a lot about my truths and the lies I was telling myself that day.


My pilots license had lapsed and my license was invalid.

How was it possible to daily kid myself for four years?

Yes, that was a big eye opener for me. Time to recreate me again.

Have fun questioning your beliefs and assumptions and the truths and lies that you live by. Be careful though, you may have to become a different person and change your relationship with your universe.