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Transderivational Search.
How to use it in EFT.

Transderivational Search and Emotional Freedom Techniques and therapy.
This is a term used mainly in neuro-linguistic programming, and emotional freedom techniques and NLP share many similarities.

Basically, our mind will do what we tell it to when we have taken the time and made an effort to train and learn how to use it, it becomes much better.

Of course, if you don't practice on installing good stuff the reverse is true.

A Transderivational Search is often used in therapy, or on ourselves to come up with answers or possibilities that we are currently not aware of, while we are in our current state. It allows our minds to search for answers, to go through all our memories, past, present and future and search for an answer.

Present it to us, and then we have new options and possibilities. Much of creative thinking, brainstorming and problem solving is done this way. In everyday life, we use it often, just this morning I lost my glasses, after ten minutes or so thought sod it.

I had looked everywhere and could not find them. So I decided to do what I am good at.

"OK Subcon, if I did know where I placed my glasses where will I find them very soon?"

You get into the habit, very quickly, of when you direct your subconscious mind to do something, then forget about the problem, as the answer is already on its way.

I rolled a cigarette and remembered that I had not opened the bedroom window this morning, so I went into the bedroom to open it. There on the window sill were my glasses.

It is almost like a Google search bar on your computer. You tap in what you are interested in, and then Google searches the internet for information about your search and presents you with pages you may find interesting or have the answer to your question.

If I enter into the Google search bar: "Remove fear of flying".
I get 29,8000,000 possible pages.

If I enter: "pilot who can help with fear of flying Warwickshire".
I get some precise answers and results. Out of 29,8000,000 possible pages, I come in as the top three results on Google. So the more specific I am with my search terms, the closer the answers will be to what I can do or research.

As with Google, the more specific you are the closer the pages it shows you will be to what you are looking for. The same goes for "transderivational searches" we do with our clients or when "playing with ourselves."

When using EFT, NLP or hypnosis with ourselves or a client, the more specific they are, the closer the answers will be for them. It is OK to start out with global TS as we can refine the search as we re-calibrate, and sometimes you can find what you are looking for on your first search.

Something to watch out for, in yourself or others are "negative or habitual transderivational searches". Most people have little idea how to direct their minds, we are in a similar position to the general public back in the 70's and computers. Most people had no idea. Now, most know how to find their way around and use a PC or if they are switched on a Mac, some can use both.

My cute little nieces have a PC, when they come to see me play, they can also use my Mac. I like to think that in 20 years most of the problems people come to see us for, we will no longer have to deal with because the technology and techniques will be learnt at an early age like computing is now.

I will put up a page on "negative or habitual transderivational searches" later, until then.

Using EFT and Transderivational Searches to fix my mac.