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MP3 Downloads to Turbocharge Your EFT.

I always recommend Pilgrim Advanced Self Hypnosis MP3’s to anyone who contacts me for advice or help.
Some find it strange especially when they have experienced the powerful and fast effect of “EFT”.

You may wonder why I recommend clients who are effectively using “emotional freedom techniques” also to use Duncan McColl’s advanced self-hypnosis recordings as well. Good Question.

Why would you want to make an incredibly fast and effective system even more useful, by turbocharging it?

It’s straightforward. To improve the quality and fun and excitement in life. Life happens, and in your future stuff will sometimes occur life gets in the way and this combination will allow you to deal with the glitches even faster, and might also inoculate against some of them.

“EFT” allows you to quickly get relief from problems and issues that may have been causing emotional problems for years, thousands of people have experienced this. It allows you to take control, choose to no longer be a “victim” and have a more form-filling and enjoyable life.

However, there are many habits beliefs and opinions stored in your subconscious control mind, thousands of them, most will never cause you a problem, some will. Garry Graig calls them the “writings on your wall”.

Many of these are things that you picked up at a younger time in life, possibly through parental, religious, social, educational and self-conditioning and programming. Many continue to influence your daily living.

We sometimes call them “fortune cookies” you can effectively remove them with “EFT” techniques, by becoming aware of them and doing the “drills”.
However that means you have to spend time and effort to do this and with today's lifestyle, most people are not prepared to do this, in many cases, it is “secondary gain” running although not always so.

Pilgrim Self Hypnosis MP3 downloads can help you to do this, with less time and effort.

They were developed by a fantastic hypnotherapist and healer “Duncan McColl” who turbocharged many peoples lives, they are still used by his clients and have been recommended by very switched on therapists, for over twenty years.

They are a combination of many proven techniques that he practised and developed or borrowed and used to help his clients down the years. They contain exquisitely scripted self-hypnosis techniques along with potent subliminal methods to aid your development.

Designed to be used as conscious hypnosis and as you sleep, the conscious angle helps your conscious mind, and relaxing to them re-trains and removes self-limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind. They “clean up the writings on your wall’s”.

So if you want to give your self-understand, emotional freedom therapy drills, and the quality of your life a boost consider including Pilgrim Self Hypnosis MP3 downloads in your daily “EFT” practice.

You can learn more about these powerful tools by clicking below.

You can learn more about these powerful tools by clicking below.
Boost your EFT with
Pilgrim Self Hypnosis MP3 Downloads.