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EFT for Weight Loss.

Our government is in a mess, so is our health service, things are changing. Many people are overweight, some are obese, and obesity is a growing problem in Warwickshire.

In the old days, the government would look after you but as I said things are changing. Your weight and health are soon going to be up to you, it has been that way for most of your life.

But now if you get ill and your health suffers you may not get the support you would like. Think about it.

It has long been known that being overweight and unhealthy has a dramatic effect on your life and lifestyle your habits and behaviours and your beliefs play a big part in how much you weight and how healthy you are.

That's where emotional freedom techniques EFT comes in, as with intelligent use, when you learn and understand the techniques and use them.

You will be able to change the things that currently are making you fat, overweight and maybe setting you up for illness.

Many people overeat and put on weight for emotional reasons, they are unhappy, sad, unloved, bored, stressed or frightened.

They often overeat for emotional reasons and until these are addressed things just won't change. Many put on weight and slowly get bigger due to the habits and beliefs they have, how they live and what they do.

Once again EFT has the power to allow you to change what you consistently do in your life and lifestyle and how you live.

Changing your lifestyle so that you get the exercise your body needs weekly will have a dramatic effect on how you feel. It has been proven that exercise helps you to feel good and helps many different areas of your life and it burns up calories and changes your metabolism.

With only a few exceptions your weigh and health depends on the calories you take in and what you burn up.

Very few people end up being obese and suffering from obesity and being overweight who eat sensibly and healthy, exercise and work out regularly for life, have stable and happy emotional experiences.

And have other skills such as resilience, the flexibility of thought and have learnt how to handle and manage stress.
When you look at it most healthy and happy people do certain things consistently, and we all know what they are.

We all know how to be healthy, what to do, what to eat, what to avoid.

So why don't we do it?
Subconscious incongruence, secondary gain, and not really understanding how our mind and body's work and of course laziness.

We now have some amazingly fast and easy ways for you to change any of the glitches you may have for you to lose weight and become healthier.

You can quickly learn to make healthy choices. EFT for weight loss and obesity will involve you learning how to handle your emotions, it will require you changing your habits and lifestyle choices, it will mean you are taking active responsibility for who you are and what you do.

The reality is that you did not one morning wake up and discover you were overweight. It happened over time due to what you did in the past.

Weight loss takes place over time as well, yes you can have liposuction for instant weight loss, but unless you want to have this procedure again, you will have to change.

Live differently, eat differently and exercise individually. All of this will involve changing your emotions and feelings and taking responsibility for how you are.

Some people do have a wake-up call and realise they are severely overweight and will have to do something about it. They often find that they are physically weak, out of breath unhealthy and their joints just won't take the exercise needed to burn the calories.

This can be very hard, and many emotional adjustments will have to be made until you are able to work out, again emotional freedom therapy can help you gain the emotional stability you need.

As your weight goes down you will be able to do more, you also have to allow time for your metabolism to change so that your body changes, and burns more calories.