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Help with Worry and Worrying

Worry and Worrying are usually considered to be a bundle of thoughts, images and emotions that are negative and cause anxiety or concerns about a real or imaginary issue. It is basically spending a lot of your time thinking about bad things and usually doing nothing about it.

When this happens, it is usually unhelpful and not a very useful thing to do.

Good worrying. Practical Pessimism or Negative Visualization.
This is a good thing as it encourages you to take action to change or avoid a situation that may be painful physically or emotionally. Being worried about your weight may get you to change your diet and start exercising.

Being worried about the tire pressure on your car will get you to check them so that they are safe. Being concerned about getting your accounts into the tax man may get you off your bum and do them.

However, this kind of worry is not what most people seek help within the above examples where something needed to be done your fears are sort of reminders from your subconscious mind to take action and when it is decided the problem goes. These can be seen as good worries or reminders form another part of your mind.

Bad Worrying.
What tends to mess up many people are worries or worrying that just goes on and on. Many people tell me that they just go over it again and again. "It just keeps going round and round in my mind."
"I can't stop thinking about it" "I seem to spend all day worrying about it."

This is not a good thing to do it's unproductive and can lead to many other problems in life. When we look at it free of stress and fear, and it is difficult to remove the stress and fear factor from worry the two are linked because what happens in our brains and how this affects our bodies.

Our thoughts, what we are telling ourselves and the images we are watching in our minds are causing the problem. It also looks like the person has not yet learnt to control their own minds and thoughts. To direct their minds to work as they want it to. Often we also have some self-awareness and understanding to sort out as well.

Of course, it is not beneficial for our parents, educational systems or our governments to teach people how to do this as all these systems require the masses to worry as it does allow them to have greater control over most people.

Public fear and concerns and worries do allow people in the know to have more control over us. This is one of the reasons we are not taught to control our own minds and emotions.

Yet it is something that you can learn to do, just like you can learn to drive a car, fly an aircraft, juggle or stand on your head. You can learn to have your internal dialogue, all the voices in your mind to fully support you in your outcomes.

You can learn to have lovely images in your mind that drive you forward to reach your goals, exquisite feelings in your body that just make you feel beautiful.

All it takes is a desire to become someone different, time, effort and money along with practice. You basically have to take control and be responsible. Only you can decide if you and your family are worth it.

Does it mean that you will never worry again or have sleepless nights worrying? NO, but you will have fewer. Does it say that you will never get that nagging feeling that you should take some action? No. But you will take effect.

It does mean that you can be far happier, have higher self-confidence and high self-esteem be more effective in your life you will have the skills, tools and technologies to overcome your concerns and worries quicker and have far less stress in your life.

If you would like to have fewer worries and would like to learn how to begin to control your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Let me know.