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Writings on The Walls.
How your belief systems and assumptions affect your life.

I believe it was Gary Craig who came up with this term, "Writings on you Walls". It is a straightforward way to understand how our past conditioning effects us on a daily basis even if you don't know you are doing it, it is an unconscious process after all.

Many of the rules we learnt in childhood and live by are not ours, they are someone else's, suitable for a different person in a different time, and a different place, yet we take these on board and make them our rules of life or assumptions.

Now, this is great for many things, like don't run across a road with our looking both ways and listening and double checking before you set off.

As younger people, we do have to trust others (authority figures) to learn how to survive, but along the way, we may also take on board beliefs, habits and assumptions that are not necessarily true for us, unless we decide we want them to be our truths.

This can lead to old outdated beliefs and a fear of change, growth and get outside our comfort zones which is the only real way to progress.

Our "writing" is made up of our can's and can't our should's and shouldn't, and all the excuses and things that limit us, and we always read these writings as if they are accurate and often they are not. That is a cool thing about beliefs, they don't have to be true, but we will live as if they are.

Emotional freedom techniques are a great way to look at and question our behaviours, beliefs, assumptions and excuses we make to our selves and see and experiment and find out if they work for us. We can uncover them and find out who's rules we are living by and if we can see a better way, change them.

Some of these writing on our walls do not belong to others, they are assumptions or decisions we reached all by our selves, once again many when we were younger. Great for them, but do they still work now?

A few years ago I helped a gentleman who was very unhappy with his life and profession. During our talks, I asked him.

"So why are you a consultant?"

He explained that as a child of thirteen he realised that if he got a good education and became a doctor and then a consultant he could help his family and have a happy life.

An essential and very mature decision for a thirteen-year-old child to make and he went on to do it, all to his credit.

Yet here he was a fifty-year-old man who was still living his life by a decision a child had made, he had helped his family, and they were all well taken care of. But he was unhappy and damaging his health and relationships with others.

So I asked him. "Would you allow a thirteen-year-old child to have free access to your bank accounts, and credit cards and give him the keys to your Bentley?"

"Of course not".

I replied. "So why are you living your life based on the beliefs, understandings and goals of a child?"

The lights went on for him, of course, we then had to do a bit more work and do an ecology check so that the changes he was going to make would work for him. He also needed to do an excellent personal peace procedure. Yes. All went well for him.

Many people are still living by beliefs and assumptions a younger "you" made. In a different time and place and in an entirely different situation. They may now be outdated, and for your sake, it is time to look at them. These are The Writings on Your Walls.

Many problems with relationships and love and marriage are caused by this. Our level of income, what we do or don't do in life. Your eatings and living habits. What does a child or teenager know of such things?

What does a child know of living in an adult world? Are you still living by rules you made as a young, immature adult?

Only the enlightened few will ever question the beliefs they run or the assumptions they make daily about their life, but it is amazing how many everyday problems disappear when we do.

A friend of mine, a few years ago created some fantastic self-hypnosis. MP3's that will allow you to begin to explore some of your beliefs and assumptions and will enable you to uncover some of the Writings on Your Walls. Just click on the blue link above. Or you could just call me and book yourself in for a consultation.